One Stop Software Solution

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EDP Systems and the One Stop Software Solution

Nowadays every entrepreneur are opting for customised software for their respective domains. Gone are the days of legacy application. Everybody wants to be in the modern updated platform may be hardware or in software. HTML 4 is fading out and is the time of advent of HTML5. In Microsoft Web as well as Desktop .NET is the frame work and in another non Microsoft Java is the first choice for Web Application. In Web Sites till date PHP and MySQL has the leading role as open source and WordPress as Blog Roll. Days of earlier VB 6.0 are fading out in Desktop Application. In database apart from the supremacy of Oracle, SQL Server is growing as leading Database with enhanced BI [Business Intelligence] tools.
Therefore, keeping eyes on the modern scenarios, we do with all the above said technologies to cope up with the modern trend of software since 1998.